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Wheel Nut Indicators 33mm


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Loose wheel nut indicators that are used extensively by the transport industry as an enhancement and development of fleet safety roadworthiness procedures, daily walk-round inspection and defect reporting and scheduled maintenance requirements. Its use allows accurate monitoring for loose wheel nuts and helps prevent wheel hub damage or the loss of a road wheel should a wheel nut loosen.

It is fixed to the wheel nut by gripping the six corners of the hexagon of the wheel nut. When the wheel is being fitted out the Checkpoint pointers should be aligned and set in a recognisable pattern. Should a wheel nut loosen off, the Checkpoint has no option but to move with the nut and so break the recognisable pattern that was set, thus indicating the wheel nut has begun to rotate and therefore to loosen.

Suits 33mm Nut.
The size refers to the 'across the flats' dimension of the wheel nut hexagon in millimetres. A simple and accurate means of measuring the wheel nut size is to use an un-worn socket as it is important that the correct size of Checkpoint is fitted to the wheel nut. They should be a tight slide fit down to the washer of the wheel nut or wheel hub face leaving a small nominal (say 0.5 mm) air gap between the two surfaces.

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Wheel Nut Indicators 33mm Wheel Nut Indicators 33mm
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