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Swarfega Hand Cleaner (4L)





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Heavy duty hand cleaner with polygrains to remove ingrained oil, grease & grime. Solvent-free
Dispenser included for every two hand cleaners purchased.

Heavy duty hand cleaner with polygrains
Removes ingrained oil, grease & grime
Heavy duty hand cleaner with polygrains
Fast acting - will not run off hands, minimising wastage of product.
Versatile - suitable for use on oil, grease, grime
Perfumed - mild scent freshens hands.
Easy-to-use - advanced new gel formulation makes it easy to apply and rinse off with no residue.
Highly effective - cleaning performance normally associated with products containing scrubbing agents.
Economical - only a small amount is needed.
Added conditioner - helps maintain the skins natural moisture level leaving hands smooth after use.



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Swarfega Hand Cleaner (4L) Swarfega Hand Cleaner (4L)
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