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DVD - The Best of Kenworth Country No.1





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DVD - The Best of Kenworth Country No.1

The best of Kenworth Country  - number 1 is a three hour collection of the outstanding journeys and rigs from the first five editions of our popular Legends of the Outback series that follow the journey of rugged hard working Australian made Kenworth trucks working in a multitude of applications in some of the harshest trucking conditions in the world, the Australian Outback, all in one DVD set.
It is an environment for the tough and those unafraid of testing their strength.
It takes a Legend... It takes a Kenworth
The journey begins Northwest of the Dingo Fence where terms like isolation and remote take on a whole new meaning. Mix in a couple of Kenworth road trains, knee deep bulldust roads and a decent soaking from a tropical cyclone crossing the coast further north, and you’ve got a recipe for cattle haulage Outback style.
Then we hitch a ride with a couple characters on 3000 plus kilometre trek up the West Coast run Australia on the Great Northern Run from Perth to Broome.
We check out Slingshots specialized rail hauling road trains before heading back “Down the Track on a run that traverses half the continent to deliver 135,000 litres of Jet-A1 aviation fuel.
Come and see the world’s largest dragline bucket being transported to its new home in Central Queensland. Then see the massive Kenworth C510s hauling 300 tonne payloads of coal
We then head up the Weipa track, one of the roughest roads in the country and see a tough Kenworth T650 as it takes vital supplies in one of Australia’s last frontiers
 Finally join us in the picturesque northeast of Tasmania where a fleet of logs trucks scratch their way over steep rugged mountains. Plus much more….
Approx running time: 180 minutes

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DVD - The Best of Kenworth Country No.1 DVD - The Best of Kenworth Country No.1
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