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DVD - Kenworth Country - Legends of the Outback - Vol.7






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DVD - Australian Roadtrains in Action
Kenworth Country - Legends of the Outback - Vol.7

Kenworth Country - Legends of the Outback Volume 7 continues to follow the journey of rugged hard working Australian made Kenworth trucks working in a multitude of applications in some of the harshest trucking conditions in the world, the Australian Outback. It is an environment for the tough and those unafraid of testing their strength.
It takes a Legend... It takes a Kenworth
We travel deep into the Devil’s triangle with Clint Innes to collect three trailer loads of cattle from Esmeralda Station..the river crossings might be deep and dust thick but for Clint and his rugged C508 Kenworth its all in a days work..
We catch up with Paul Milgate, his two lovable sheep dogs and his immaculate T909 roadtrain in the early hours of the morning at Trangie in central western NSW and head northwest along some rugged dirt tracks to collect a road-train load of sheep..
We head up into the remote Gulf Country with Carpentaria Fuels to deliver a triple roadtrain load of 100,000 litres of fuel to some of the remotest areas in the country on one the last runs before the wet season closes in..
We hitch a ride in Griggs Haulage new K200 up Harvey’s Range to shift a mobile crushing plant down a rugged little track into Keel Bottom Creek and with the promise of some pretty spectacular scenery along with a few creek crossings we just had to go..
We catch up with Rod Hannifey who operates the K200 “Truckright Industry Vehicle”. Rod’s vehicle is a visual canvas portraying the aims of the Truckright program which includes improving roads and safety along with raising road transport industry awareness and improving rest areas..
Approx running time: 90 minutes

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DVD - Kenworth Country - Legends of the Outback - Vol.7 DVD - Kenworth Country - Legends of the Outback - Vol.7
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